The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted at the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit in 2015. These SDGs are universal goals that developed countries including Japan should tackle alongside developing countries for the benefit of the international community. There are 17 SDGs comprised of 169 targets that we should aim to achieve by 2030. The goals represent pressing issues and aim to end poverty, save the earth, and enable people to live peaceful and fulfilling lives.

Kobe University’s SDGs Promotion Office was established in February, 2020 to contribute towards the 17 goals through our research expertise and educational activities. We also initiate industry-government-academia collaborations and develop novel interdisciplinary research areas to foster new value creation. With local communities and industries, we aim at establishing open interaction, enabling SDG-related idea sharing and allowing outcomes to be smoothly implemented.

In order to achieve the SDGs, it is essential to harmonize innovative technologies and education with a diverse society. In this spirit, we promote (1) technological, industrial and societal innovation, (2) value creation and its implementation, (3) education for younger generations and virtuous cycles of human resource development,(4) close cooperation with local communities, and (5) strong international collaborations with people, institutions and organizations around the world.

Takashi KITA
Director, Office for Promoting SDGs

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